1.       Vietnam Investment Fund - VIF

VIF is the first fund managed by BVIM. The fund closed at the beginning of 2007, at that time it was the largest domestic fund with more than 1,500 billion VND of committed capital.

VIF seeks long-term asset value growth opportunities by investing in a diverse portfolio of Vietnamese companies, with a focus on unlisted private enterprises and state-owned enterprises during the equitization period.

We actively add value to investment companies in order to increase operational efficiency and create  sustainable growth. This also helps to create more value for the Fund's investors. Areas where BVIM adds value include corporate governance, financial management, human resource management, market expansion and business strategy

The VIF Fund completed its dissolution in 2019, fully returning capital and profits to investors.

2.       Vietnam Investment Fund II – VIF II

VIF II is the second fund managed by BVIM. The fund closed for the first time on March 31, 2008 with a total committed capital of 42 million USD.

The VIF II Fund targets investment opportunities into (i) shares of unlisted companies, including private enterprises, State-owned enterprises in the equitization stage or after the equitization period, (ii) listed companies, (iii) a small portion into investment opportunities that meet the Fund's investment criteria, such as businesses in the field of infrastructure, business cooperation contracts and other types of business.

Due to the impact of the global financial and economic crisis in 2008-2009, we were unable to close the fund with the originally planned scale. The fund management company has decided to divest its capital and return it to investors.

The VIF II Fund was dissolved in 2012, returning capital and profits to investors.