BVIM Fund Management Joint Stock Company (“the Company”) was established in accordance with the Establishment and Operation Licence No. 58/GP-UBCK reissued by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam on 3 July 2019 due to the transformation of type of the Company. The initial Establishment and Operation Licence of the Company was No. 01/GP-QLDT issued by Ministry of Finance on 6 January 2006. The Company was previously known as “BIDV-Vietnam Partners Investment Management Joint Venture Company” - a joint venture company incorporated in Vietnam. Initial joint venture partners included the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (incorporated in Vietnam) and Vietnam Partners Investment Management Co., Ltd (incorporated in the British Virgin Islands) (“VP”) with ownership interests of 50% each. In December 2017, the joint venture partners completed the transfer of 75% of contributed capital to Xuan Cau Investment Joint Stock Company. During March 2018, VP completed the transfer of 25% of contributed capital to an individual investor. During December 2018, Xuan Cau Joint Stock Company completed the transfer of 75% of contributed capital to two individual investors. As at 31 December 2018, individual investors, namely Mr. Dao Trong Khanh, Mr. Ho Bao Hung, and Mr. To Duy hold 45%, 30% and 25%, respectively, of contributed capital of the Company